Rolling pace, weighty voice, hypnotic flow: Tukkiman displays an apparent, smoldering –unfailing determination. Author, composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist, he delivers his first album, Tukki. He has a humanistic and universal approach to music and describes himself as a citizen of the world. His story begins across Senegal where traditional music such as Sabbar is omnipresent.
Tukki belonged to the first generation of Senegalese artists influenced by American hip hop and English pop. This musical environment began to shape him and create the outline of his musical identity. In the 90s, he taught himself to play the guitar. While in the midst of learning, he tried his hand at the piano, started writing lyrics and set up his own studio. He found refuge in music and defined his personal style. Today, in his first solo project, he delivers a hybrid production of Afrofunk/Rock compositions, which are inspiring, ambitious and accomplished.

- «I do not write my songs, the music dictates the words to me.»
When it comes to the creative process, Tukkiman bypasses manufactured commonalities and musical prejudices. His music erases the boxes in which its observers would confine it because similar to his music - Tukkiman is free. Free to speak in English. Free to speak French. Free to speak in his native tongue of Wolof.
He finds inspiration in hip hop, reggae, rock, pop and in African rhythms – each genre evenly evident in his music.
When he plays an instrument or composes in the studio, sounds are formed by themselves; harmonies spring forth; musical colors mix and collaborations form in unexpected ways. Tukkiman is direct, generous, captivating and without borders.

- «Music is emotion first, technique second.»
But freedom means having the technique to express your emotions. Having left his native Dakar in 2006 to study in Paris, Tukkiman heard the free bells of America ringing and followed the sound. Wherever he is, he is at home. Currently, Tukkiman traces his steps between Dakar, Paris, New York and Chicago making his own route and following his own path. He hones his art according to encounters with and inspiration gained from other musicians, composers and producers. Each completed piece is a springboard to the next. It is his wish to one day open music schools in Africa based on his core life principles and musical experiences.

Texte : Kalati


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